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Primary school’s 3D movie amazes parents and teachers

The first 3D Movie School pilot program, “Movie in the Playground”, has just been completed at Dormansland Primary School in Surrey, United Kingdom. Students, parents and teachers attended the film’s première viewing in July 2015 at the Year 6 Leaver’s Assembly.

The exciting entry-level program was trialled with the school’s final-year children, aged 10-11 years. The project’s aim was to involve the children in the process of  creating a 3D movie, with visual effects and animation – including getting to make some of the 3D animated items themselves.

Animation and film

sample0230Not only did the children create their own animated 3D elements, but they acted out several scenes for their short film, shot in the school playground and ICT suite. Excitingly for all concerned, the project involved interacting with a gigantic transforming car animated and rigged in the style of a “real” Transformer.

The car and its transformation were added by 3D Movie School’s project partner, Richard van der Oost (who had created the transformer character for an earlier project) using Blender 3D software.

Further UK schools sought

uk-map3D Movie School plans to open courses across the UK, starting in the 2015/16 school year. The club team is working towards building a nationwide network of capable 3D animation, VFX and film coaches who can inspire young learners near from schools near them.

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