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From time to time, in our quest to bring the best school clubs to kids all over the UK, we’re helped out by folks who deserve special mention.

Much of what we do is down to the open-source nature of the Blender 3D community. This world-wide collection of artists, creators, engineers, scientists, animators, teachers and more, give their knowledge, their skills or their works, freely. For that, they sometimes ask for recognition. Sometimes, they just deserve it.

So, thanks to:

  • Ton Roosendaal and the Blender Foundation, for the awesome, free and open source Blender 3D software!
  • Richard van der Oost, who created the Transformer
  • Pavla at CG Cookie, for helping organise the inaugural Movie in the Playground pilot.
  • The artist known as “Macouno”, for “Blu” – the character we use in our logo
  • The artist known as “DanCG” for the rigged T-Rex
  • The artist known as “Twin97” for the rigged horse