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What after school activities are there
Children test their fitness during a junior challenge day (photo by Gary Ward)

What After School Activities Are There and Which One I Do?

When that time of term comes around to select the next cool after-school activity, how do you decide what’s best? Does your child come to you with the decision made (!) or will you stay a bit longer at work (or up a bit later at night) to look around and find out what’s out there?

Most of the time it’s the school that decides what activities will take place after school hours – but you can also suggest future club ideas at parents meetings, about the things your kid is interested in or what you think would help orient his or her attention and engagement in healthy ways.

So what can you do?

Going out

Let them discover nature and the places that surround them. Many times you can find interesting things just a couple of miles away. Some examples: Bird Watching, Finding shells, Farming, Treasure Hunting.

Arts and Crafts

Rule number one here is Let It Go! With just a bit of help kids can do wonderful things with their hands. Don’t worry about being dirty or about messing around. Cleaning up together is great way to finish up. Here are some examples of what can you do: Paper craft, Ceramics, Painting.

The three Sciences

Well, let’s admit it, the little ones are curious and keep asking questions about everything. Some of us haven’t got rid of this habit even into adulthood! Kids can learn principles of Engineering, Physics and Chemistry just by doing some fun, safe experiments. It is important to explain that these experiments are not only tricks but there is a scientific explanation behind them.


This helps children to develop their communication skills, think creatively, be more confident with themselves and get them prepared for difficult situations.They can do Language games, Improvisations or Role-play for example.


Physical fitness is the main benefit from this kind of activities but also helps them to be disciplined and stay focused. Every arriving point surpassed is a reached goal and once this became a habit, no one can stop them. They can try Athletics, Martial arts, even Kite flying and Archery.

Pro Tip: Use Pinterest to find small activities that you can do even at home. Look at the results of this search for kids and craft

If your little one is only 10-11 years old, the package of knowledge and experience he builds at this age is helping him to decide and focus on his future. In his article “When the children should start to think about their careers” Professor Tristram Hooley explains how studies confirm that already from year 4 (8-9 years old) the kids are developing career aspirations. So you can use this after school time to make your little one try different hats: of a traveller, a writer, an architect, a farmer, an actor, a mathematician or why not of a film maker.


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