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Blender 3D News: community applauds pilot movie

Since the Movie in the Playground was released two weeks ago, overwhelmingly positive comments from the Blender community have poured in.

Not only that but the responses from the parents whose kids took part has been fantastic!

Here are a few comments from within the CG community that are worth a closer look.

You have now proved that the course works! I would not be at all surprised to see them producing their own work in the future because of the grounding you have offered them.

Ian McGlasham: It looks amazing. What an inspiration. You have now proved that the course works! A course can be completed by a group of school children with a tangible product that they can be really proud of for years to come. Demystifying the seemingly impenetrable world of visual effects to the point where they will have confidence to tackle projects both individually and as a group. I would not be at all surprised to see them producing their own work in the future because of the grounding you have offered them. Well done. I will continue to follow your efforts avidly. One of the best projects and uses of blender I have seen. Ian is a former head-of-VFX who also lectures (principles of compositing, grading and finishing their projects) at the National Film and Television school.

Lee Salvemini: Amazing work guys!! Just blown away 😀
A long-time Blender evangelist and well-known CG expert and Trainer at CG Masters, Lee (also known as LohnS in CG circles), was part of the core team that created the world’s first open movie, Elephants Dream. He later worked on the Sintel open movie project, as well many freelance projects. Lee also spent two years working on Star Wars Video Games with LucasArts

Pavla Karon (CG Cookie): I’m watching the video and laughing my butt off :)) The kids are adorable! I love seeing how much fun they had. I love the exploding names in the final credits… I hope [the launch] goes amazing for you and that it gets the standing ovations it deserves. You really pulled off an amazing project here and I must say, there was some skepticism initially and I think that you proved beyond a shadow of doubt that this project has some serious legs.
Pavla writes for CG Cookie and brokered the assistance of animator Richard van der Oost.

Richard van der Oost: Awesome Pete! Really entertaining. Congrats! It looks fantastic. I really like the acting of he kids by the way 🙂 I really enjoyed doing this.
Richard created the original transformer rig and animation, and helped the Movie in the Playground project by agreeing to allow us to drop the animation into our playground scene. Richard did all the heavy lifting for the 17 second “transformer landing” scene, from solving the tracking to the final composited and rendered scene. Richard runs BlenderGrid, a render farm at www.blendergrid.com.

Chris Plush (CG Masters):  I’m very impressed with what those kids accomplished, they did great work… Great job putting this club together!
One of the curators of CG Masters, Chris has been working with computer graphics for over 14 years. He worked as Lead Game Designer on the open-game project Yo Frankie! at the Blender Institute in Amsterdam; his 3D experience led him to develop a freelance career creating animations, presentations, and realtime simulations for commercial products, government projects, and many other various clients. Chris’ artwork and writing has been featured in various publications including Bounce, Tumble, and Splash and Blender Gamekit 2, 3D World and Linux Pro.

More 3D Movie School clubs are planned for the 2015/16 school year, with schools from around the UK already showing interest.

Further information

If you are interested in coaching a club, read more here.

If you’re a school, or would like to tell us about a school you think would want to make a short film with us, use the search tool in the sidebar (desktop computers) or click here.

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