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Mason Menzies – Teenager 3D Artist

    Mason Menzies is a teenager 3D Artist and he’s using Blender 3D software to create awesome images. He is now a famous artist within the blender community and for some time already beside pursuing his passion, is also doing paid work. We have asked him to tell us a few things about him and how did he get started:


    Hi Mason, first of all thank you for this interview, please tell us exactly how old are you and what are you doing with Blender?

    No problem 🙂 It’s my pleasure. I am currently 16, and I have been in 3D for 3 years. I am working on my skills at creating inspiring images in Blender. I specialize in environments and architectural renders.

teenager 3d artist mason-menzies-snowprolightingfinished


    What exactly attracted you towards the 3D World and what made you choose Blender? How old were you when you used it for the first time?

    I had always had an interest in 3D since I was very young. Mainly due to growing up watching Pixar and Dreamworks feature length films. I was around 11 when I first downloaded Blender, I had wanted to create Minecraft animations but realized quickly that it was far too advanced for me. About a year later, when I was 12, I downloaded it again wanting to create art and look to one day get a job in the 3D field. Blender was the obvious choice mainly because it was free. The reason I have stuck with it, instead of buying the top softwares, is because of the community. You can’t find any like it.

    How was the reaction of your parents about this passion? Did they agreed with it from the beginning or they thought it was just a waste of time?

    My parents have always been supportive of me. My mom works as an Art teacher and is also a very talented painter, so I came into the creative world naturally. They have also recently supported me in my dream by allowing me to take a break from school to pursue my dreams and increase my skills as a 3D artist.

    How important was their support for you?

    When I started it was just something I was doing in my free time, so it didn’t really cross my mind. But once I started doing it professionally their opinion mattered more to me. You never want to disappoint your family. But when anyone was skeptical or if they frowned upon it, I never let it get to my head. If they truly thought I was wasting my time and they felt like voicing it than it probably means that they didn’t understand it fully.

teenager 3d artist mason-menzies-architecture

    How about your school mates and teachers? What they thought about it?

    I have been homeschooled my whole life, so my school mates were my brother and friends. And they have always either been supportive and understanding from the start, or have come to understand it.

    What’s the advice you would give now to a 11 years old Mason Menzies?

    Two main things:

  1. You have to spend money to make money. The main reason I have been successful is because I have been open to spending money. I had to buy my whole computer and all my training by myself. Which is really important I think. If you just get your parents to pay for it you might take it for granted. So if you want to improve to a point where you can earn money you have to first spend money.

  1. Put yourself out there. Probably the best thing for my career I ever did was go to Vancouver to meet up with the top dogs in Blender such as Andrew Price, Jonathan Williamson and more. A couple months after I got an offer from Andrew to do some work on The Grass Essentials promo renders and trailer. That’s something that I believe would not have happened if I did not go and make that connection.  

    Do you have some future big projects?

    Oh yeah! I got a few renders coming your way soon. One for Wybren over at The Grove 3D to show off his incredible tree addon for Blender, One for Andrew at Blender Guru to show off the amazing Pro Lighting: Skies, for lighting. and in the near future I will be working on a personal architecture animation.

    Where people can find your work?

    If you want to stay up to date with my complete renders and some information on how they were made I suggest checking out my Art station page:



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