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Movie Making At Your School

The Movie in the Playground initiative is a project started by 3D Movie School in 2015, with the aim of bringing 3D animation concepts and lessons to the classroom at an early stage (from age 8 up). Beginning in May 2015, 3D Movie School began piloting an exciting 3D animation course at Dormansland Primary School, a village school located in Surrey, south east England.

Get your school involved


The Movie in the Playground project has launched in the UK! Find out if your school is involved, and request a visit from a local movie magic coach to your school.

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Pilot dairy – Week 7


Somehow, without a detailed plan and using scarce resources, we managed to put together a darling of a video piece, and the children can rightly be very proud of themselves for the work they put in and for the finished result.

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Pilot dairy – Week 6


After some great effort and focus in the session this week, we can safely say that we're into the home stretch! The kids have the finish line in sight now, having completed a short set of reality-style "interviews" to stitch the elements of our story together.

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Pilot dairy – Week 5

Dylan S makes a name for himself

This week the kids are literally making a name for themselves in CG animation. We've started making our 3D text animations, and shot the scene where Hannah starts going off into a daydream about a big robot.

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Pilot dairy – Week 4

A frame from the transformer landing scene

Today's session went a lot better - Blender up on all computers and a surprise package arrived from Richard. Plus, some of these 11 year-old newbies started spontaneously modelling, sculpting and creating during the lesson set-up!

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Pilot dairy – Week 3


Today was a big day, an exciting one for many reasons. Finally the kids were going to get to make something in Blender, and as an additional surprise I had received a rough draft of the transformer scene Richard had been working on. And it was already awesome!

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Pilot dairy – Week 2

In Week 2, the kids get into storyboarding

This week, after a week off for the half-term break, we started the session off by reviewing the video we shot in week one. It was hilarious!

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Pilot dairy – Week 1

Some of the pupils taking part in the pilot

The first session of the first pilot for 3D Movie School Club promised many things - fun, excitement, new learning, heart palpitations (mine), equipment damage (my fault) and a pinch of chaos -- and it delivered in spades!

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School club program explained

Coaching is fun and rewarding!

Run over eight weeks (one 60-min lesson a week), Movie in the Playground is an after-school (or in-school) club that guides pupils through making a short live-action film using 3D animated elements they create themselves - led by qualified coaches. But what's really involved?

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A Movie in the Playground


Back in February 2015 I had a sudden realisation. My daughter, who had been ten years old for the past year, was not only turning 11 but was in the final six months of primary school and about to enter secondary school.

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