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Pilot dairy – Week 7

It’s Week 7, and our club has had it’s final session today!

Somehow, without a detailed plan and using scarce resources, we managed to put together a darling of a video piece, and the children can rightly be very proud of themselves for the work they put in and for the finished result.

Well done kids!

Our final session today was all about filling in the remaining gaps in our story, so the kids got to perform one or two more scenes. What’s not to like about showing off, eh guys?

Memorable for me are the “WAKE UP!” scene and the sight of Dylan S playing the part of “a kid, playing the part of an imaginary transformer”. Dylan, you’re a natural born performer 😉

Tonight I’ll be burning the midnight oil putting the final edits into the full sequence, and then we’re on to the countdown!

Our “world premiere” promises to be a glittering affair, restricted exclusively by invitation only to parent, teachers and pupils at the Leaver’s Assembly. So, sorry, world out there, you’ll have to wait for the release to Youtube – which, happily, will be the same day – Tuesday July 21st.

Let the Countdown… commence!