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Behind 3D Movie School

3D Movie School started in 2015 and is dedicated to supporting the spread of knowledge of CG animation, visual effects and film making, including use of the Blender 3D animation suite. There’s a particular focus on fostering the use of Blender in education – we really believe there’s future value in getting kids into 3D animation at an early stage.


Pete Dakin


Hailing from New Zealand, Pete and family arrived in the UK in 2007. Pete is Digital Technology Director at a multinational media and publishing group headquartered in London – where his remit since 2013 has covered all things digital – including evolution of news platforms,  digital advertising, experience personalisation, data capture and analytics, SEO and marketing.

Previously Pete was the Technical Director at Vivo Rewards, where he led a team of 30 developers, building the UK’s largest and most successful school rewards platform.

Back in the day he was involved in back-to-back startups covering a ten-year period in NZ, focused on design and digital. He was also part of the digital teams that brought two major global sports events to the Internet – the America’s Cup in 2000 and Volvo Ocean Race in 2001.

His interests (apart from Blender of course) include family time, movies and daily exercise.


Alex Saplacan


Alex was born and grown up in Transilvania and he is a 3D Generalist but mostly he creates images of buildings and products using the computer.

He arrived in UK with his family in 2014 after more than 12 years of stay in Italy where he graduated the High School getting the Geometra Diploma, which in Italy performs roughly the combined functions of an architect, site foreman, and engineer in charge of buildings and land use issues. During the school years he approached the CG World and Blender who helped him to complete his school projects and he’s using Blender ever since.

Besides working, he likes to have good family time and to fly acrobatic kites.