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Work Opportunities

Tomorrow's CG talent needs coaching, today


You’ve got skills. Maybe you’re using them commercially already. Or, maybe you’re in higher education, studying to become one of the CG rock stars of tomorrow.

They learn. You earn

Your Blender knowledge and skills are valuable. So why not pass on some of the basics to junior rock stars who’re still in their early years of school – and be rewarded fairly for your time and effort.

Why become a 3D Coach?

trex-in-the-playgroundThere’s always a good CG movie in town isn’t there! And kids are so into them! In fact it’d be hard to imagine a more engaged audience than a switched-on group of eager young students, itching to get involved in filming, VFX, animation and editing.

So as a 3D Movie School coach, your CG skills will be put to the test right away – in an environment that’s geared towards experimentation and learning.

You’ll be instrumental in guiding your groups towards the creation of their own slice of movie history – memorable and permanent reminders of the fun times they had working over the course of a school term or half-term to make them and their friends interact with that T-Rex, robot, or other topical asset.

Register your interest

With over 22,000 primary schools in the UK alone, we’re always on the lookout for capable coaches.

If you think you can make the time for it and would like to earn great money for your efforts, click the button below to register your interest in coaching.

Still not sure?